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We invite you to experience the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field Energy Practice, one of the highest healing techniques offered to humanity in the Soul Light Era.


95 CAD


Join David Lusch, Certified Tao Master Teacher & Healer and best-selling author, and Dr. Aylin Doğan, Certified Tao Science Messenger & Healer, for an exclusive workshop to transform your life. 
Whether you have a health issue, a conflicted relationship, or have challenges in your creative or business projects, this workshop is for you.
This 3-hour workshop is designed for you to learn the Tao Science of Creation (the root cause of life challenges and how to transform them); for you to receive a Soul Reading on why’s and how’s of one specific life challenge and to receive a Special Tao Calligraphy Blessing to transform faster.


As you register for the workshop, you will have a 10 minute private phone or Skype call with Dr. Aylin Dogan to specify your need. David Lusch will make a short Soul Reading before the workshop. This will then be shared with you ‘privately’ during the workshop. 


In relation to the Soul readings, you will have an opportunity to additionally register for special Tao Healing Services to assist you to transform your challenge. If you decide to receive them, you will have a private 15 minute Skype Session with David & Aylin to receive your services at a later date.


During the workshop, you will also receive a Healing Blessing through the Tao Calligraphy. We welcome you for this exquisite event that is by invitation only.
Please send en email to Dr.Aylin to reserve your spot and book your 15. Min private call:

Normal Honor Fee: 350 GBP
Special Honor Fee for our Guests: 95 GBP

Please ask any questions 



Payment details:

For Participants from UK, please send us an email with your bank document after a wire transfer of 95 GBP to:




Account Number


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Time to make a positive change for your self

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