Tao Akademi, Tao Chang Temsilcisi Dr. Aylin Doğan tarafından, ülkemizde ve dünyada yaşanan yangınlarla yıkıma uğrayan doğayı onurlandırmak ve bilinçlerimizi şifalandırmak amacıyla düzenlenen (elde edilen gelirin yüzde 80’inin Manavgat’ta yaptırılacak olan Sağlık Ocağı’nın yapımına destek olmak üzere Türk Böbrek Vakfına bağışlandığı ) "Türkiye İçin Sevgi Huzur Uyum Meditasyon Serisi"ni tamamladık.

Açılışını Dr. Aylin Doğan'ın Yeni Ay’da,  DA AI (En Yüce Sevgi) Tao Kaligrafisi ile yaptığı 8 Günlük Şifa Meditasyonu çalışmamıza Tao Akademisi Usta eğitmenlerinden de destek geldi.


Serimizin 3'üncü gününde Tao Akademisi Londra Merkezi yönetici eğitmeni Grand Master David Lusch, 5'inci gününde Tao Akademi San Francisco Merkezi’nin yönetici eğitmeni Grand Master Hui-Ling Lin  ve 6'ıncı gününde Tao Akademi Portland Merkezi yönetici eğitmeni, Kuantum Fizikçisi ve Sicim Teorisyeni Grand Master & Dr. Rulin Xiu katılarak, bilgelikleriyle yolumuzu aydınlattılar.

Bizler Soul Performance ailesi olarak, Ruhsal Yolculuğun ve Çalışmanın Kutsandığı, Yaraların Sarıldığı, Kalplerin Arındığı, İçimizdeki Şifacının Güçlendiği, Kalp Şifasının Derinleştiği ve On Erdem ile 5 Element ışığında Yaşamın Kutlandığı 8 Gün süren muhteşem bir deneyim yaşadık.

Bizlere birlik bilinciyle bir olma fırsatı veren ve Tao Akademi'nin birbirinden değerli hocalarıyla meditasyon yapmamıza olanak sağlayan Dr. Aylin Doğan'a ve bu şifa yolculuğunda yanımızda olan tüm katılımcılarımıza teşekkür ediyoruz.

Yepyeni çalışmalarda görüşmek üzere.

Soul Performance Team



Yoga Teacher

Sat Nam,

"Love, Peace and Harmony for Turkey", Tao Healing Meditations gifted me great experiences. I felt the frequency of love very intensely. As the space in my heart opened up and I felt the love more intensely, my tears flowed spontaneously. The pain I experienced on the 6th day of the practice completely disappeared immediately after the session. It was awesome for me to experience this.



With the Soul Performance modality that I had the opportunity to get to know thanks to Dr. Aylin Dogan, I cannot even describe the changes that took place in my life, the changes in my words and actions. My concerns for the future I used to have for myself, for my son and for our world have been replaced by the belief that I can overcome them.


MBA Student

With Dr. Aylin Doğan's 8-Day Healing Mediation series“Love, Peace, Harmony for Turkey, we first discovered these concepts for ourselves, then for our environment, our country and our world, and then practiced spreading them in all areas of life. I felt incredibly positive and happy in our practices, especially on the day Master Hui Ling Lin joined.


 Industrial Engineer

We did an 8-Day Healing Meditation practice with Aylin Doğan and a very pleasant group. Aylin's energy and guidance was incredible. We also had the chance to meditate under the guidance of Tao Chang Grandmasters. During the program, I gained very important awareness about myself and my life. Opportunities arose in the areas where I felt stuck. Thanks to the blockages that I got rid of, I feel that my mind is also lighter and I can think much more effectively. Infinite thanks to Aylin and the Soul Performance Team.


 Chemical Engineer

For 8 days, I had different experiences in each meditation. The meditations of Master David and Master Hui Ling put me at peace. In Master Rulin's meditation, I went into another dimension. My stomach and heart trembled with each Calligraphy. It was a very different experience. Today, I am a person who has no worries and is full of hope. I'm not really the person I was 8 days ago. Dear Aylin; people who did not know each other found healing thanks to you. I can't thank you enough. So glad my path crossed with yours.



I am so happy that I had the chance to be part of this special practice opened by Aylin Doğan to heal and honor nature and to meditate with the precious teachers of Tao Academy. Thank you to all the friends who participated and contributed to the practice. Thank you Dr.Aylin Doğan. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you…


Pricing Senior Executive 

We completed an 8-day Meditation series with Aylin Doğan. The participation of the unique Grandmaster teachers of Tao Academy strengthened us even more. Master David's energu for forgiveness, Master Hui-Ling's energy of compassion and acceptance, Master & Dr. Rulin's energy of nothingness, unity and connectedness was an incredible experience. I cannot thank Aylin Doğan and our Grandmaster Teachers enough. Da Ai, Da Gan En, Da Fu Wu



As someone who has been following Aylin's work for years, I can say that the 8-day healing meditation practice that Aylin opened to donate to the health center to be established by the Turkish Kidney Foundation in Manavgat was simply magnificent. With Grand Master David Lusch, Grand Master Hui-Ling Lin and Grand Master & Dr. Rulin Xiu's participation in the practice, this series of healing meditations turned into a series of unforgettable moments.


Tourism Manager

In the “Love, Peace, Harmony for Turkey” 8 Days of Healing Meditation Practice that I participated in to alleviate the troubles in our country in our souls, we encountered wonderful surprises. We had the honor of practice with Tao Academy teachers Grand Master David Lusch, Grand Master Hui Ling Lin and Grand Master & Quantum Physicist Dr. Rulin Xui. I can't thank my dear Aylin enough. With deepest gratitude everything that keeps us together... 


Account Executive

Thanks to our beloved Dr. Aylin and to the most valuable teachers of the Tao Academy, David Lusch, Hui Ling Lin and Master & Dr. Rulin, I felt that amazing energy working in every part of my body. I cried, shook, relaxed, calmed down, breathed and digested, thought, empathized, and most importantly, I was forgiven and liberated. Thank you again with all my heart for everything you gifted to my life.


French Teacher

I participated in the 8-Day Meditation Practice

“Love, Peace & Harmony for Turkey” with my dear Aylin. Each day, I looked forward to the start of our meditation time. The emotions I felt during the practice continued afterwards. It was as if a new page had opened in my life. The peace inside me was reflected around me as harmony and love. In addition, Aylin made it possible for us to connect unique teachers. Thank you so much dear Aylin for touching my life 🙏






“Blessing of Spiritual Journeys and Our Practice”


We will open our practice on 08.08 which is both the New Moon and the LION'S GATE PORTAL, which opens every year a powerful space/time dimension for our journey to enlightenment.

We will open our practice with  DA AI (Greatest Love) Tao Calligraphy.

We will activate the energy for the blessing of each participant's Spiritual Journey.

Then, holding the DA AI Calligraphy to the field energy of the cities with wild-fires, we will chant the mantra LOVE, PEACE, HARMONY.




"Healing the Wounds"


This session will be a Healing Meditation programmed to heal wounds, nourishing the body, heart and soul.



“Purification of the Heart”

Special Guest:

Master David Lusch


By practicing meditation in the energy field of Tao Calligraphy Da Ai, we will open our hearts to further healing.

On this day, we will have a special guest:

One of Tao Academy's leading teacher, Tao Calligraphy Healing Field Grand Master & Healer, DAVID LUSCH will lead us into a special practice.




“The Healer Within: Empowerment”


In this session, we will open the energy field of DA GUANG MING (Greatest Light) Calligraphy to reveal the power of self-healing. With this meditation we will awaken the Healer within us.




"Ten Virtues"

Special Guest:

Hui-Ling Lin


In this session, we will talk about the 10 Virtues that we all need to work on to serve humanity & Mother Earth.

Invoking the energy of the 10 Virtue Calligraphies, we will chant the mantra “Love, Peace, Harmony”.




“Deeping the Heart Healing”

Special Guest:

Dr. Rulin Xiu


We will open our hearts to a deeper healing by focusing on the feeling of "mourning" that comes with Natural Disasters, Accidents and Sudden Deaths.



“5 Elements”


By invoking a healing field energy with the 5 Elements Calligraphies, we will meditate on Balancing the 5 Elements in our inner system.




“Celebrating Life”


Meditation for Planting New Seeds, Continuity, Abundance and Celebration of Life.

We will close our 8 day practice with "Love, Peace, Harmony" mantra.

Time to make a positive change for your self