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We invite you to experience the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field Energy Practice, one of the highest healing techniques offered to humanity in the Soul Light Era.

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Dear Soul Performance Family ❣️

International Women’s Day has been a call for me for many years to host group practices on Feminine energy. As I try to take every spiritual practice from a scientific perspective, I take Feminine energy (the Yin Factor) as one of the two components of Yin-Yang Creation.
As Tao Science explains us, everyone and everything is created through the interaction of yin-yang and carries both yin and yang aspects. 
“Yin and yang are opposite, relative, co-created, inseparable, and interchangeable.”


Time to make a positive change for your self

Depending on the participants, this session will be either in English or Turkish. Love you all.


Aylin Doğan


In the light of Tao Science, I invite you to join me in a short seminar where I will share how Law of Yin and Yang Creation can be applied to life events and how we can resolve our difficulties & bring Love, Peace, Harmony in our lives.
In this session we will be tracing and meditating with the powerful Tao Calligraphy of Harmony; ‘sine qua non’ element of the New World Consciousness & Soul Light Era.

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