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This performance sessions offering came with the need to make a contribution to all of us that are in need of releasing the anger with known and unknown sources. 


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One definition of Performance refers to your Daily Life Performance (activities and practices) in accordance with the ways of a chosen path. 


Have you chosen a path in between these two states of living: Being disturbed, agressive and frustrated due to your past experiences OR being relaxed, centered and motivated for better choices? 


This performance sessions offering came with the need to make a contribution to all of us that are in need of releasing the anger with known and unknown sources. 

ANGER comes as an accumulated frustration of negative Information, Energy and Matter in our vibrational field.   It is the end result of many many years (life times) of imbalanced relationships, unresolved issues and unspoken truth. It carries the energy of what have not been communicated, mostly repressed and not released. Most of the time, we are not even aware of why we are so charged, tensed and frustrated. 


In its depth, when we find ourselves ranged with ANGER, agression and tension, its message for us is :


“Cut the cords of suffering, now!” 


How are we going to cut the cords of suffering?


The answer is simple: by forgiving ourselves and others for all the actions that have harmed us.  


First and foremost, we need to FORGIVE ourselves for all the anger that we have accumulated in this life time and others towards ourselves, our family members, our life partners, our friends, collagaues, and even those we don’t know but come across in Daily Life.  


We basicly need to cuts those cords of unbalanced emotions that carry highly charged negative Information and open our communication channels for more positive messages. 

This CHOICE is urgent because through the Heart Chakra (the main receiver of our electro-mangetic field) we receive back all the negative information we send out to others. Without balancing the anger within, we keep poluting our own field which manifests as further negative life experiences. 


The more we are angry, the more tension we get back from the Cosmos. 

Therefor, immediate action is required. 

Not only that, but a constant Daily practice of high frequency healing is needed. 


"TRANSFORMATION: Practice of Forgiveness and Releasing Anger"  is created for you as the Daily Practice we can do together, from the comfort of our homes. 

In these Performance Sessions, we will


Practice with the Tao Calligraphy DA KUAN SHU which is the Calligraphy of GREATEST FORGIVENESS


Practice with the Sacred Mantra & Tao Soul Song for 6th Soul House (3rd eye), which is the center related to FORGIVENESS and the way we perceive our life experiences. 


Practice with the Tao Calligraphy of WOOD ELEMENT to heal and transform the LIVER and its unbalanced emotion, ANGER


Practice with Tao Calligraphy of WATER ELEMENT, to generate more energy to heal and transform the WOOD Element and to balance the FEAR to step into new experiences.

“Fear is the root cause of Anger.” 


Practice with Tao Calligraphy METAL ELEMENT to balance the access energy of Wood Element; to cut the cords of unnecessary emotional attachments with others and to release the GRIEF AND SADNESS of past experiences, so that we can freely move on…

Dr. Aylin Doğan will offer you one private consultation session before the Performance Sessions in order to find the root cause of your specific issue you want to work on. 

In the Private Session, Tao Calligraphy DA AI (Greatest Love) will be drawn for each participant to open their hearts for them to receive the healing on a deeper level. (This is a very special service that transmits high level healing energy to individuals.)

Time to make a positive change for your self...

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