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Lao Zi, the writer of Dao De Jing,

names the Ultimate Creative Source, Tao. 

Tao is the source of everyone and everything.  

When you are connected and aligned with Tao Source, you follow the utmost positive Oneness frequency & vibration and naturally flow with everyone and everything. 

Tao Calligraphy is defined as Art Beyond Art.


It is a beautiful Art form yet it also has a powerful transformative energy.


It is based on Yi Bi Zi (one-stroke writing) which is a unique style of Chinese Calligraphy that had been thought to the emperors and royal family members of Qing Dynasty. 


After learning and mastering this hidden technique from Professor Li Qiu Yun, Tao Grandmaster Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha infused it with Tao Healing Light and created Tao Calligraphy.


Since Tao Calligraphies are written by connecting to Tao Source’s most positive energy and vibrations, they carry the energy of Source Oneness Field. 

Tao Calligraphies work as one’s unique channel to the Source Oneness Field.

Tao Source Oneness Field can heal one’s energy field by transforming the Negative Information, Energy, Matter

of the person into Positive Information, Energy, Matter.

This unique transformation process is explained by Tao Science by using Quantum Field Theory:

Any Vibrational Field is composed of 3 things:




If we carry positive Information, Energy, Matter, we have good health, harmonious relationships and financial abundance. 

 If we carry negative Information, Energy, Matter, we have challenges in health, relationships and finances.

Tao Science reveals that:

Healing is transforming negative Information, Energy, Matter into positive Information, Energy, Matter.

Quantum Physics also explains that:

Source (Emptiness) carries infinite capabilities, infinite Positive Information & Energy, Matter. There is no limit to its potential!

Tracing and meditating with Tao Calligraphies can connect us to the powerful Source Oneness Field instantly! 

Therefore, it has the power to transform our life challenges in a fast and most balanced way. Its clinically proven miraculous effect had changed the lives of thousands of people around the globe.


Join Dr.Aylin Dogan in one of her Tao Calligraphy Field Meditations or Healing Events to learn how you can trace & meditate with Tao Calligraphies and to experience the power, beauty & joy of this amazing gift to humanity!


One unique healing service that can be received through Tao Calligraphies is a Tao  Light transmission.


A Tao Light Golden Light Ball is a high-frequency spiritual Light Field that can be  transmitted to an individual for a specific purpose. 


This special service can only be offered by a Tao Master Teacher or a Tao Calligraphy Field Teacher since it requires a special authority given to the appointed Tao Chang Holders. 


A Tao Chang is a Tao Calligraphy Light Field that is created by original Tao Calligraphies of Tao Grandmaster Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha.

One can receive a Tao Golden Light Ball for a health issue; for a specific illness or to heal and rejuvenate organs ( liver, heart,

lungs, skin, etc. ) ;to transform pain and injuries for body parts and to support your nervous system, digestive system, immune system.

You can also receive a Tao Golden Light Ball to Transform a Relationship and Transform & Flourish your Finances.

These special Light Fields are not like any energy transmissions.

They are permanent energy fields which you can activate and use for deep healing and nourishment.


When you receive a Tao Golden Light Ball, you will be guided on how to work with them and have an ongoing benefit.


Tao Calligraphy Field Teacher & Practitioner Dr.Aylin Dogan is looking forward to serving you with these powerful healing tools and helping you to transform your life challenges.

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Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha is a Tao Grandmaster, World-Renowned Healer, and 11 x New York Times Bestselling Author. He is a grandmaster of many ancient Eastern arts (including Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Chinese Calligraphy) and holds an MD in Western Medicine from China. As a 373rd lineage holder of Peng Zu (the Chinese Taoist lineage Lao Zi - the author of the Dao Te Ching), Dr. & Master Sha was initiated into an ancient Taoist tradition that has been kept alive for more than 5000 years. His mission in life is to serve humanity with this wisdom - combining the essence of modern quantum science with ancient Tao teachings to help people be happier and healthier. 


A renowned humanitarian, Dr. & Master Sha is the Founder of the Love Peace Harmony Foundation and a recipient of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Commission Award for promoting world peace.

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