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Soul Performance Training Series is based on theories of Performance Studies, Anthropology, Sociology, Dramaturgy
and the deep wisdom and practices of Tao Science.

Dr. Aylin Doğan developed Soul Performance Training Series to train and guide people in their Everyday Life Performances that would align with their Life Purposes.

We all have plans, projects and specific life goals, but do our Everyday Life Performances align and resonate with them? Furthermore, do these plans, projects and life goals align with our Soul Purposes? How are we going to find out about these most vital information and then heal and transform our life journey?

The participants of the Soul Performance Training Series are trained and guided to work on these life-changing questions. They are given techniques to bring out their skills and build the necessary foundation to start and finalize their projects by transforming their Everyday Life Performance in alignment with the desired outcome. 
If you are an artist, writer, entrepreneur or a visionary leader with a project, these training series are made for you.

Soul Performance is a scientific and practical modality that is engineered by screenwriter, novelist and Performance Studies scholar Dr. Aylin Doğan.

Taking Tao Science’s description of Soul as the “carrier of information” and sociological definition of Performance as

“any activity that communicates an information to its observes”,

Soul Performance refers to our activities that carry the information of our Soul Purpose. Each one of us is here for a specific reason, with specific talents and a potential to manifest. If we figure out  the positive aspects about us, we can enhance our lives in multiple areas.


Performance is a term for all the activities in a continuum of diverse fields, including Play, Ritual, Games and Sports, Performing Arts ( Dance& Theatre), Popular Entertainments, Everyday Life, Identity Constructions and Political activities.

Soul Performance is focused on Everyday Life Performance and leads individuals to recreate their everyday life activities in alignment with their Soul Purpose. Soul Purpose is the “information” that you carry at your Soul level, and that which you need to communicate to this world.

Soul Performance gives awareness and focuses on Everyday Life Performance as the set of “ritualistic activities” that create your reality.

Any action that is codified and repeatable can be regarded as a ritual. Your everyday life is full of rituals that you are not aware of. Your actions and interactions carry information that constantly shape and form your reality on a vibrational level.

Soul Performance teaches you that you can change your life by regarding your everyday life activities as rituals that carry “codified messages”; “information” that affect and change your life.

Performance Theory discusses that efficacy of Rituals lie in their ability of transforming individuals and situations. Rituals enable “transformation”, rather than creating temporary “transportation” to uplifted moods and states of consciousness.

Dr. Aylin Dogan emphasizes that “any action can become a transformational ritual if you know how to codify its information”.

Process Philosophy, Performance Theory, Ritual Theory, Grand Unification Theory, Tao Science.

Soul Connection, Soul Flow, Performative Writing, Dramaturgy, Symbology, Ming-Gong Practice, Core Meditation, Source Meditation, Chi Channel & Jing Channel Practice, 5 Power techniques, 5 Elements technique, Yin-Yang Balancing.

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