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You need to go through a simple path to heal and transform!
Based on Quantum Physics, Tao Science explains that all existence, including our experiences,
life challenges and creations are made of Information, Energy, MatterIf you can work on your life challenges from a scientific point of view, you will find it easier to deal with. 


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Dr. Aylin Doğan will help you to heal the root cause of your conflicted life situation, by transforming the negative information in your electro-magnetic field (Soul, Heart, Mind, Energy, Body level) into positive information. You will receive Soul Guidance, Quantum Information Healing (Tao Hands Blessings) and Tao Calligraphy Healing. 


Areas that Dr. Aylin Doğan works on with individuals are those which she personally had problems in her life, and yet which she healed and transformed with the techniques offered in her private sessions.  

  • Anxiety / Worry 

  • Anger

  • Mental Blockages (Disturbing thoughts and visions)

  • Relationship Issues (Marriage & Divorce)

  • Resistance to Change 

  • Power-Resistance Issues

  • Lack of Energy, Fatigue

  • Self-Worth and Self-Love Issues 

  • Spiritual Path  / Life Plans

  • Creative Projects

  • Free Personal Expression 

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Today make a positive change for your self

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