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Dr. Aylin Dogan is a Licenced Tao Calligraphy Healing Field Teacher and Practitioner and feels a deep connection & love for this unique Art form that has a miraculous healing power. She also holds a PhD in Performance Studies and applies a 5 Level Transformation Process in her consultation sessions.


She offers guidance, gives high-level healing blessings, teaches performative tools and trains her clients to apply and integrate these new tools in everyday life. 

Dr. Aylin Dogan has received her Tao Healing training & certifications from Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha’s Tao Academy. 

Her certifications from Tao Academy are as follows:


  • Kuan Yin Lineage Holder

  • Certified Tao Soul Communicator

  • Certified Tao Science Messenger

  • Tao Calligraphy Practitioner 

  • Certified Tao De Shi Da Healing Hands Practitioner 


Everyone has one or two issues that can’t be communicated with friends or family. Sometimes we don’t even know how to express them and repress our thoughts and emotions even deeper.


As a Certified Tao Soul Communicator, Dr.Aylin will be listening to you with an open heart and without judgement. 


In her sessions, she connects to Source Field and receive the accurate messages for one to learn about the root cause of their life challenges. 

She guides her clients by using Tao Soul Communication and offer services to transform these root causes at the Soul, Heart, Mind, Energy, Body level.

She will help you to heal the root cause of your conflicted life situation, by transforming the negative information & energy in your Soul-Mind-Body system into positive information & energy. 


Changing the root cause of your personal issue which resides at the Soul Level requires high-level services.


As a Licenced Tao Calligraphy Healing Field Teacher and Practitioner, Dr.Aylin Dogan is honoured to serve her clients with some of the most powerful healing tools.


After a Soul Reading and approval, you may receive some of the services below.

List of Special Services:

  • Tao Golden Light Ball for Health issues (specific illnesses)

  • Tao Golden Light Ball for transforming pain in body parts or healing & rejuvenating organs and systems

  • Tao Golden Light Ball for transforming 5 Main Energy Centers

  • Tao Golden Light Ball for transforming Unbalanced Emotions (Anger, Depression, Anxiety, Worry, Fear)

  • Tao Golden Light Ball for Cultivating Positive Emotions (Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Light)

  • Tao golden Light Ball for Divine Love Peace Harmony Soul Song

For any specific issue:

  • Tao Calligraphy Writing Blessing

  • Tao De Da Guang Ming – Tao Healing Hands

  • 10 DA- Tao Calligraphy Tracing Blessing

  • Kong Calligraphy Blessing

  • Kuan Yin Crown Chakra Blessing

  • Kuan Yin 1000 Hands-1000 Eyes Blessing

  • High Level - Fa Chi Blessings 

These special services have additional honour fees which are determined by Soul Reading. You will be guided to receive any one of them in relation to your personal issue. After you receive your high-level Healing Services, you will be trained on how to work with them in your daily life. This way, you will continue receiving the healing and benefits of your new Tao Light Treasures. 


·      You will also be offered a 30. min complimentary Assessment Session,

two weeks after you receive the services. 

 On which areas can you consult Dr.Aylin Dogan?

Dr. Aylin Doğan works on areas in which she personally had problems in her life and yet have transformed with the techniques and services she offers in her private sessions.  


5 Negative Emotions: 

  • Anger, Anxiety, Fear, Worry, Sadness-Grief

  • Self-love & Self-love Issues 


Mental Blockages 

  • Disturbing thought patterns 

  • Resistance to Change / Self- Sabotage 

  • Lack of Motivation or Persistence


Relationship Issues 

  • Romantic Partners, Family Members, Friends, Colleagues

  • Lack of Physical or Emotional Harmony

  • Communication Challenges 

  • Process of Divorce 


Health Issues 

  • Any health issue (illness, body pain, organ, system) 


Personal Life

  • Taking decisions that will change your Life (ex: moving to a different location, changing jobs, partnerships, etc)

  • Soul-Mind-Body alignment


Financess / Business

  • Lack of Vision

  • Lack of Self-Purpose

  • Lack of Courage

  • Disharmony among partners & employees

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