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Executive Manager

I cannot find the words to describe last night’s session, but I would like to try to express my feelings anyway. Aylin's self-confidence and reassurance that she projected lasted until the end of the session.  She had such a perfect mastery of her work that it was impossible not to admire it. Explaining all the details one by one, she answered all the questions in my mind and enthralled me with a wonderful meditation experience. It was the first time that I experienced a true meditative state which was deep, calm & focused. It was a very different, pure, and uniquely special experience for me, and I am truly grateful for those people who introduced me to Aylin Dogan.



I had slept a total of 16 hours in four days, my mind & body were fatigued and, my thoughts were all consuming, I had a project deadline. While I was supposed to be working on my project, by chance I saw the invitation email and dropped everything and came to the healing workshop. I still don't know how you cured my anxiety but after the session, I had the motivation and strength to work on my project through that night and into the early hours of the following morning. Thank you for this unique experience.


Customer Relations Officer

I am very grateful to dear Aylin and her team for this wonderful Tao Calligraphy Healing Field Session.  I felt an abundance of energy. It was a great experience. Hope to meet you in other workshops full of peace and happiness.



I was so amazed by the wisdom and knowledge I came across in Aylin Doğan’s introduction seminar on Abundance & Tao teachings. I realized after all these years of teachings we have seen it all. Yet this understanding of practicing with the “nothingness” field came as a brand new world to me. I am truly grateful for your effort, for your sharing and for holding our hands on this path. Thank you for your loving heart. Thank you.  



The session we did with Aylin Doğan last night relieved my neck and back pain instantly. Very, very effective healing energy.


Music Teacher

This is the first time I have experienced such an excellent demo program. It would be unfair to name it a demo. İt was a truly informative and cohesive experience.   After the practice, my body heat cooled off and I felt empowered.

I felt the energy circulate within my body and all around me for the rest of the evening. Aylin’s unique loving spirit, sincerity, and the warmth of the environment made me feel very good. It’s great that our paths crossed ... I am grateful to Aylin and my childhood friend for making this happen.


Executive Manager

I met Aylin through a friend of mine who also attended the workshop on the evening of March 8th. It was a marvellous experience for me, it’s impossible to explain, you should try. I would like to thank Aylin again and again for creating such a wonderful workshop and for showing us the kindness to invite us.


Art Student

After attending only one Healing Field Meditation Session with Aylin Doğan, I quit drinking alcohol. I decided I shall focus on my classes and my success.  I could sit with her in that Field all night long. I am looking forward to attend any workshop with her.


Tourism Agent

Hello everyone ... I have been searching for myself for a long time. Although I tried many methods, I could not make any progress on my own. As soon as I met Tao Calligraphy Healing Field Energy, I was able to find a relief, opening and concentration in myself. I acquired not only spiritual but also physical relaxation. The impact of the studies is incredible. It latches onto you even from the first session.   





Astrologist / Feng shui consultant

After every healing session with Aylin Doğan, I experience an unbelievable change and improvement to my life. Each session and consultancy with her led to an incredibly fast change and development in my life. It is the only address I turn to whenever I get stuck, as every suggestion and support she offers me is highly effective. Thank you for being with me on my journey and shining my way like a lantern.



After a 14-day Tao Calligraphy Healing Field Blessing, which I had the chance to receive from Dr. Aylin Doğan, my company which had been struggling for 2 years has received so many enquiries in the last week that we have been unable to answer them all. I think that is the proof of Tao Calligraphy’s rapid return.


Tao Hands Practitioner

I wanted to memorize this special 88 line sacred mantra. The deadline I have promised was approaching but I was in line 1 for so long. Along with your Calligraphy blessings for 14 days, I have studied to memorize it by heart. I had finished studying the whole mantra very close to my deadline. 

I would like to tell some of my experiences during your Calligraphy blessing sessions. I have seen pure light coming from Heaven into my crown chakra and down my body. I could feel my frequency being uplifted. The blocked parts have changed in each session but every session my heart, spleen and spine/Wai Jiao had been cleaned. Deep purification happened. I felt lighter in both ways; being bright and the reverse of heaviness.

Thank you from my heart and soul for giving me 14 sessions of most beloved Da Ai Calligraphy blessings to memorize the sacred mantra. Thank you for helping me to progress in my Soul journey... With love...


Executive Manager

Dear Aylin's work on Tao Calligraphy has done miracles for me. We began to work on Soul Love and my life changed with abundance and joy in every field. My toxic relationship has improved completely, and the most important part of the job is that first I noticed the blockages in myself, then it felt like a magic wand, and with the increase in my feelings of love and affection in myself, everything got better with my physical problems. It is a very high energy frequency that must be experienced. Thank you again, Aylin.



Love and awareness increased, I was already interested in spiritual things. Thanks to the modality of Mrs. Aylin, awareness of the events around me increased, I approach more compassionate and more conscientious. In the later years of my life, I learned what I wanted to spend my life doing and what I should not abandon and give a place in my life again. I do not judge the past and people, I do not upset myself anymore and I made peace with them on my own front.


Make up artist