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Soul Performance theory and method reveals that every one of us has an Authentic Self whose authenticity is generated by the adventures of one’s Soul Journey. 

As the carrier of Information, Soul recollects one’s storylines, thematic issues, challenges, lacks, flaws (-) as well as the talents, skills and wisdom (+). 

Referring to these themes, plots and relational events, Dr.Aylin Dogan coins the term “ Soul Narrative” as the determining factor of our physical life events. 


Most of the time, the reason why we get stuck in our life projects or in our relationships is because we go against our own Soul Narrative.  In order to transform our lives in alignment with our Authentic Self & our Soul Purpose, we need to re-connect our Soul and discover the 4 components of our Soul Narrative:

  • Soul qualities, talents and skill sets 

  • unique message to be shared

  • life projects that best align with them

  • what prevents one from performing our Authentic Self   

This workshop gives the essential tools of Dr.Aylin Dogan’s 6 week SOUL PERFORMANCE Training Program which helps individuals to open their spiritual channels and develop their skills to download Information to grow and evolve.  It is the first step in the discovery of who you are, what you can do and what prevents you to perform and thrive.

In this 5-hour workshop, you will learn the basics of Soul Performance Method.

  • The Foundation Practice: 

Based on the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this meditation practice opens the 3 Foundational Energy Centers: 

Lower Dan Tian, Kundalini, Heart Center

It establishes connection to one’s Soul and sets the foundation for opening one’s spiritual channels. 

It is the number 1 Practice 

  • To raise energy, stamina, vitality (fosters physical performance and grounding)

  • To build connection to inner self (maintains emotional balance)

  • Calms the mind and opens the Heart Center (establishes mental balance and cultivates self-love) 

  • raises intuitive consciousness and opens spiritual channels (brings Creative intelligence, new visions and solutions)

  • 6 Power Techniques 

This technique is essential to connect anyone and anything in the Universe. In this workshop,

you will learn this technique in order 


To connect your original Soul


to receive information from Soul level


to boost creativity & intuition 

  • Receive 1 Soul Reading from Dr.Aylin Dogan

This is the gift of the workshop. Normally, the Soul reading for the 4 questions of the Narrative Soul is given in the 6-week Training Program. Yet, everyone that participates to the Foundation Workshop will receive a reading for 1 question.

You will receive a Reading on your Soul Qualities that you can utilize and activate.

The Foundation Workshop with

1 Question Reading & Recording


222 GBP (270 USD) 


122 GBP (148 USD)

Second Offer

Book a Private Consultation for Soul Performance Reading with 4 questions

& get the workshop for Free

400 GBP (488 USD) 



The Foundation Workshop & Recording & save 122 GBP (148 USD)

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