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Quantum Information Technologies for Developing Work Performance

As latest scientific discoveries reveal to us,

every Field is made of 3 components:

Information, Energy, Matter. 


This formula applies to your business or company as well:

Your Business is also made of Information, Energy and Matter.


Matter is the physical Foundation: Actual office, stocks, bank accounts and human beings as Employees. 


Energy is what gives life to your Business: the labour force, actual work, all communication and transfers included in the work.

Information is what gives shape and form to your Business and determine its future: 

Information involves all mental or emotional messages in the field that have been generated by you, by your Employees, by your Partners, by your clients, and by other businesses you work with.  

If you consider any sort of improvement for your Business, you shall transform and upgrade  the Information that is generated by you and your Employees.

‘Performance at Work’ is based on this principle:

- Success of your Business depends on the Information your Employees carry (feel, speak, think, generate, act) about themselves and about the Business.

- From Executives to the Staff, all Employees carry vital importance to the Success & Financial Flourishing of a Business. 

If you can maintain motivated and harmonious Employees, they will generate the highest positive Information in the Field and this will empower and flourish your Business.


With Dr.Aylin Dogan’s special Training Workshop and Weekly Practice Sessions, it is aimed to bring out the best potential of your Employees by transforming the negative Information, Energy, Matter in their field into Positive Information, Energy, Matter. 


Dr.Aylin Dogan’s uniquely designed meditations also aims to help your Employees to transform the Information they carry about themselves and about their role in the Business.

Basic Program:

‘Performance at Work’

Training Workshop

In this 3-hour workshop, your Employees will learn the root cause of work-related challenges and how to transform them. 

They will learn practical techniques that they can apply individually or within Dr.Aylin Dogan’s weekly group sessions. 

'Performance at Work'

Practice Sessions

These weekly sessions will help your Employees to practice and apply what they have learned and receive faster results.

The regular - in person or online- sessions will help them to:

- release stress 

- transform fear, worry, anger, anxiety

- cultivate emotional balance 

- strengthen Energy, Stamina, Vitality

- promote Motivation and Positive approach to work 

- create Harmony among colleagues

- improve Creativity and Empathy 

- improve Communication Skills

- maintain work-life balance 

Additional Services:

There will be complimentary Assessment Sessions during and after the Program.


If required, to coach Executives on a private setting, one-one-one Sessions can be offered for an additional fee. 


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