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This course teaches and re-opens up the idea of Performance of Grand Alignment. This is a term coined by Dr. Aylin Doğan which focuses on the most important theory and formula of Tao Science: SHEN, CHI, JING HE YI.

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S+E+M: 1

Soul, Heart, Mind, Energy, Matter equals ONE.  


This formula teaches us that we need to align our Soul, Heart, Mind, Energy and Body in the same direction to realize and manifest any project, any material wealth, and any life situation we desire. Only then, we can be fully committed and energetically designed like a perfect Diamond Quantum Field that will captivate what we desire.


The second secret formula for Abundance is: Only if you can learn to receive, Abundance will come to your life. The reason why we cannot receive is due to the misunderstanding that the sources of the Universe are limited. It is a matter of a negative mind-set. Yet, what is more vital in the process of receiving from the Source is our Spiritual HEART. Heart is the receiver of Information.

When it is not pure enough, it cannot function as a powerful antenna to connect and receive the Infinite Positive Information of Abundance.

The third principle you need to acknowledge is that receiving is possible only if you learn how to CONNECT. CONNECTING to the Source is the highest spiritual practice and vital for transforming any kind of sickness and life blockages. 

The rest of the journey will be magnifying the energy of Abundance to your field by persistent and dedicated Soul Performance.

In this workshop, you will:


DISCOVER your negative beliefs,

mind-sets about Abundance.

Change them in to positive beliefs, mind-sets by using the YIN & YANG TECHNIQUE


DISCOVER the blockages that keep you from RECEIVING the Abundance of the Cosmos. Practice with us TAO CALLIGRAPHY of 5 ELEMENTS to cut the cords of negative Information: to clear and transform any kind of negative Information on Abundance in your Quantum Field.


LEARN how to connect to the SOURCE FIELD to CONNECT, FEEL AND RECEIVE the LOVE of COSMOS that wants to nourish and support you on your creations.


Learn the special mantra of DIVINE LOVE to constantly keep your MIND focused on Cosmic Abundance that wants to be given to you.


Learn the importance of working with JING CHANNEL to manifest your projects and create abundance in your physical reality. Practice daily with Dr.Aylin Doğan to open, clear and transform your Jing Channel which enables us to download and create our projects as well as materializing any kind of physical wealth.


Receive Dr. Aylin’s very special gift to you: Practice tracing a powerful Original Tao Calligraphy of DA CHANG SHENG (Greatest Flourishing) to clear your karmic blockages in relation to Wealth and Abundance.


Learn the DIAMOND QUANTUM FIELD Meditation which is a gift from the Mineral Kingdom for you to seal the high frequencies of Abundance in your field & radiate constantly.

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