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In this workshop, you will learn the techniques to activate your main Energy Centers
to build and strengthen your Foundation. Stepping into your Power will help you to raise your Kundalini energy in a peaceful mind-set.
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Discovering your Soul Purpose and receiving the secret formula to manifest it maybe your biggest opportunity in the Soul Light Era! In this workshop, you will dive into the theories & practices of transforming your life from a jig-saw puzzle to a bright-light crystal! 


Enlighten your mind by learning what everyone and everything is made of; how Creation is manifested; the importance of recreating your Everyday Life Performance; the necessary steps to discover and manifest your Soul Purpose

Empower your whole Energy-Body system by learning the techniques to activate your main Energy Centers & to build and strengthen your Foundation; to raise your Kundalini energy in a peaceful mind-set; to open your Heart to align with the higher harmonics of the Cosmos.  

Every Soul Performance Workshop involves 2 parts: 

Mind & Heart Intelligence Practice (Scientific Theory & Spiritual Wisdom)


Energy & Embodiment Practice (Healing Practices and Meditations for the whole system)


In light of Quantum Physics, Tao Science, Performance Studies, Anthropology; you will learn:

  • how Grand Narratives function on personal level

  • how we shall approach our personal life stories and current experiences 

  • experiences as coded messages 

  • what everyone & everything is infact made of 

  • the relation between Soul, Heart, Mind, Energy, Matter

  • the scientific explanation of the Soul

  • the importance of finding your Soul Purpose

  • how we can discover & manifest our Soul Purpose

  • the main principle of Creation & Manifestation 

  • the essence of Grand Unification Theory

  • the importance of re-creating your Everyday Life Performance in accordance with your Soul Purpose 

  • the elements of Everyday Life Performance 

  • how to begin the Inner-Journey to change

  • the 5 main Energy Centers and how they affect us 

  • the importance of Lower Dantien, Kundalini energy, Heart Center

  • the importance of working with the Heart Center

  • the importance of clearing the Chi & Jing Channel 



  • Opening, balancing, enhancing the Root Chakra 

  • Opening and empowering your Lower Dantien 

  • Activating your Kundalini energy and balancing the Water/ Fire element 

  • Opening your Heart/Message Center and connecting to the Divine Healing Light

  • Opening the Chi Channel with Sacred Sound and Movement Practice.

All of these practices are done with 5 Power Techniques including the Sacred Sounds and Mantras of Tao Grandmaster, Master and Dr. Zhi Gang Sha.


We invite all of you beautiful Souls to step outside your pre-conditioned defined situation, release all resistances and bring your power within. This is the basics and pre-requisite for all Soul Performance workshops. 


We welcome you with Greatest Love & Light 

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