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You have a conflicted situation, a complaint in your relationship with a specific person, creative project, or life situation? Let’s process the situation together.
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The Soul Performance Program takes Performance as actions, relations, and relationships “in between” people, objects, beings, and situations. Performance is also “being”, “doing”, “showing-doing” and covers our actions, feelings, thoughts, speech, and observations as well as any project and activity we enact.

Your Performance creates your relation to yourself and to others. It also determines your relation with your projects, businesses, and life situations.

How and why do our Performances determine our life experiences?


Each performance (involving actions, manners, speech, costumes, ornaments, settings, teammates, creative projects, love relationships, family relationships, social media activities, or any attempt with a desired and communicable goal) consists of a vibrational field that

expands though space-time. This means that it is in constant communication with everyone and everything within the Grand Unification Field.

What does your performance communicate to everyone and everything?

According to Quantum Physics, every vibrational field carries information that determines what manifests in your life.

Would you like to know what your Performance on a specific field (love relationships, creative projects, financial activities) communicates to everyone and everything?

If you have a conflicted situation in any area of your life ( relationships, business, life plans, creative projects ) it denotes that your performance in that field carries negative information.

Additionally, if you keep complaining about the conflicted situation, you keep creating more and more negative information!

When you complain and send a negative message on anything or anybody; that action, speech, or thought creates additional negative messages that are put into your own vibrational field and they start affecting you on a cellular level.

If you think that you can yell in your car, assuming that nobody hears you; if you think you can freely talk badly about your partner assuming that he/she won’t even know about it, well good luck! Your whole cellular system is listening to you and vibrated with that frequency, taking it as your Soul Order as “Put these negative messages into my system!”

​Furthermore, your messages are communicated and distributed and shared with everyone and everything in the Grand Unified Field. Ah-oh!

Your Performance (actions, feelings, thoughts, speech, and observances) is an order for your vibrational field, and as soon as you perform in a specific direction, your vibrational field starts to bend space-time in accordance with your Orders!

Furthermore, when you get angry, impatient, or frustrated, the vibrational frequency of anger, impatience, and frustration (a state of disconnection, disharmony, disorder) affects your internal organs on a cellular level. Traditional Chinese Medicine discusses the
relationship between feelings and internal organs very clearly; explaining that each negative emotion affects and harms an internal organ.

Once you create a negative feeling toward anyone or anything, the vibrational frequency of that feeling causes you harm, and in time, you may get sick.

The first principle we need to inherit is that:

Whatever the definition of our situation is

We shall keep in mind that:

Our negative Performance (actions, feelings, thoughts, speech, observances) — first and foremost — harms ourselves!

To make a fresh start with your current, conflicted situation, you shall start with “not complaining”, “not getting angry”, and “keeping calm”.

How do you keep calm in the midst of a storm, where you are feeling drained and locked down in a small apartment?

Furthermore, how can you see your conflicted situation from a different perspective and change the negative information in your field to positive information that will heal and transform you?

The SOUL PERFORMANCE TRAINING PROGRAM will teach you the below techniques and share with you the wisdom of transforming your life situations.

How to calm down and balance your emotions by focusing on and strengthening your Lower
Dantien, the core center of your whole energy field. How to build your Foundation by
opening your first 4 Soul Houses.


How to find the root cause of your conflicted situation; to discover what needs to be healed and transformed in your Soul, Heart, Mind, Energy, and Matter level.


How to lay down the positive and negative aspects of your situation and change the negative
information in your field into positive information that will transform you.


How to determine which element and organ you need to work with to heal and transform
your conflicted situation. Meditation and healing techniques with the Five Elements.


How to put the new information into your vibrational field, so that it creates real
transformation. This technique will teach you to process the new information in Soul, Heart,
Mind, Energy, Body level, which will become a true new performance.

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