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Dr. Aylin Doğan developed her Soul Performance Programs to train and guide people on how to re-create their Everyday Life Performances to align with their Soul Purpose(s).


In one sentence, Soul Performance is: Enacting a Life Performance that aligns with your original Soul Qualities and your unique Soul Purpose.

We all have plans, projects, and specific life goals, but do our Everyday Life Performances align and resonate with them? Furthermore, do these plans, projects, and life goals align with our Soul Purpose?


Are we aware of our Soul Purpose(s) ?

If not, how can we discover who we are at the Soul Level, what our Soul Purpose is, and what blocks us from manifesting it?

The participants of the Soul Performance Programs are trained and guided to work on these life-changing questions. They are given techniques to access the Information that resides at the Soul Level, to discover their hidden qualities & talents, and to manifest their Soul Potential. In this way, they are led to live life with their true selves and become powerful Soul Performers.


It is also very important to build the necessary foundation, to re-create Everyday Life Performances that will keep you aligned with the Soul Information that is revealed to you.


Through using sources of Information such as the Soul Readers of various disciplines (ex: akashic record readers, intuitive healers), everyone may discover what is in the hidden treasure box of their Soul.

The question is: Do you connect to your own Soul to receive its guidance and to generate your unique Soul Qualities?

Do you apply your Soul’s guidance and integrate your Soul Qualities in your Everyday Life?

Here is a one-sentence secret that highlights the importance of Soul Performance:

If you know your Soul Qualities and utilize them to actualize

your Soul Purpose, you can transform your Life into a Magical Work of Art!

In her own words, Aylin explains her 3 STEP FORMULA in the text below:







Your unique Soul Performance Journey starts with your Discovery of who you are at the Soul Level. This Soul Information is not the knowledge of your astrology chart, or what numerology tells you about your current life. This Information is not limited to this lifetime only!


As discussed by Philosophers since ancient times, our Soul is immortal and it carries lifetimes of virtue, wisdom, and developed skills & talents. These skills and talents make up our toolbox, a treasure chest that is often not utilized since many people forget about its existence.


I would like you to discover your hidden skills and talents so that you can become 100 times more powerful, magnetic, and resourceful than you are at the moment!


I will help you discover your Soul Purpose and align with it fully so as to bring your Soul Potential to fruition.

I will help you discover your Soul Purpose and align with it fully so as to bring your Soul Potential to fruition.


In my Transformative Program, I offer some of the fundamental Tao Healing Meditation techniques that will help you to open your spiritual channels.  These techniques will enable you to re-discover your original Soul Qualities & Soul Purpose.


You will also learn how to connect your Narrative Self, which is what governs your everyday life consciousness. In time, you will master how to transform the negative messages of your Narrative Self with your Soul’s positive messages.

The ability to connect to your Narrative Self  in order to realize your negative messages, and the ability to develop the will to transform them with your Soul’s positive messages is the key to Soul Performance!




‘Deform’ to

Unlock your Potential!

Meet with your Narrative Self & face the disturbance within

Discover your unique

Soul Qualities

Discover your Soul’s message

Discover what your

Soul Purpose is

Discover your biggest Challenge & what you need to transform

Discover what motivates you

Create the Vision of the New You that will bring out your Soul Potential


‘Transform’ the Negative Information that blocks your Soul Journey.

Note that Transformation requires:




Persistence Practice


Motivation, or Deep Reasoning for Change!


Transforming negative Information at All 5 Levels of Your Being:

(Soul, Heart, Mind, Energy, Body)

Transform the negative messages into positive messages on all 5 Levels

Apply Grand Unification Formula (Information+ Energy + Matter= 1) to transform at all 5 Levels

Practice Tao Calligraphy Tracing and Meditations daily for faster transformation

Focus on your Soul’s messages to generate your Motivation

Practice special Tao Meditations to download your Soul Qualities

Keep Journaling to observe the process of your Transformation


‘Perform’ persistently to maintain the new Information in your life and turn your ‘conscious efforts’ into an internalized natural Performance.


For this creative, joyous, and performative part, you will keep working on your Narrative Soul and keep creating a New You.


You will observe and change your life’s physical aspects. Each change you make will help you increase your confidence and enable you to become happier, healthier, and wealthier!

Make a Soul Agreement with your Self to perform with your True Self

Be aware of Quantum Entanglement and become selective in your everyday life preferences!

Focus on cultivating Heart Resonance & fully align with your Soul Purpose!

Develop awareness of your tests/challenges and stop being reactive

Develop your Soul Flow technique to uplift your mindset daily

Observe every detail that reflects your process

Work on your Narrative Soul to sustain your Vision and the new Spirit!

Every detail you master will make a difference & you will enjoy becoming the Director of Your Life.


Integrity of Liminal Space-Time

Building your Foundational Energy Centers

(Lower Dantien, Kundalini, Heart Center)

Key Practices to connect to your Soul

Soul Flow Writing Practices

Learning Spiritual Courtesy & the appropriate questions to ask your Soul

Learning the manners to receive Soul Guidance

Grand Unification Formula & 5 LEVEL Transformative Process

Soul Healing Techniques for Transformation:

  • Forgiveness Practice

  • 6 Power Techniques

  • Tao Calligraphy Tracing & Meditation

Working on the Narrative-Soul:

  • Creating your Why?

  • Finding your Inner Reasons & Motivations

  • Creating & Holding your New Vision

  • Liability Check

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